Headaches and cookie dough

Laying on my sofa, grasping my head and feeling slightly sorry for my self watching my dose of Jezza Kyle, realising i should give up on pain killers as they haven’t kicked and haven’t really worked all weekend, thinking maybe a batch of cookie dough would do the trick but ooooh the amount of sugary goodness in just one bit would make this beast of a headache worse i will just have to settle for snuggles off my Charlie cat……even the cat doesn’t want me *sigh*

Looks like it will have to be a lonely day on the sofa :0/


Family gathering

I always associate easter with family, the hunt for the eggs, sharing chocolate and big sunday dinners. This easter has been especially special meeting new family that have been seperated for years, spending time with people i love and of course my very own easter bunnies.
Yes my female rabbit is pregnant and has started nesting which means im having my 2nd litter of baby rabbits (well not me personally). Im actually quite excited about it. This has been one of the best holidays by far let the good times roll….